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Finding a place to stay during tourism summer rush from January to February is not so easy. It is a good thing to book in advance for accomodation. In you find up-to-date lists of accomodation. Please go to Accomodation Options or ckeck for accomodation by zone in the Destinations home page. Finding a place to stay from March to December is not a problem.

There are 4 types of accomodation, and we begin to describe them now...

In Chile and Argentina the term Hotel is referred to the most upmarket accomodation, with private bathroom and telephone, Cable Television, Internet, Restaurant, special rooms for meetings and other deluxe amenities. Intenational style luxury hotels are rarely found in these areas. Some quite cheap places call themselves hotel, but real hotels offer at least a private bathroom with hot water and perhaps a private telephone.
See the list of hotels available in Accomodation>Hotels.

I can say there is white spot here between lower quality hotels and great hostales. Hostales are just like hotels but with slight differences. They are smaller, no luxury, may not have private telephone or TV in the room, but usually have a common room with a TV or telephone service. Hostales tend to charge upwards of USD25 per person.
See the list of hostales available in Accomodation>Hostales.

Residenciales and Pensiones
Less upmarket than Hostales, Residenciales and Pensiones tend to be family run concerns offering good facilities and privacy. Some of them have a common kicthen where you can cook and eat, maybe a common refrigerator. Depending on the price, room may even have a private bathroom. They usually include breakfast and prices start at around USD10 per person..
See the list of residenciales and pensiones available in Accomodation>Residenciales and Pensiones.

Hospedajes and Family Houses
This type of accomodation offers the cheapest roomm available to travelers starting at USD5 and up to USD8 per person including breakfast. Family Houses (Casas de Familia in Spanish) is a private home that have one or twoo rooms available for travellers, sometimes only for the high season. Hospedajes are more permantent and both are generally good value for the money.
See the list of hospedajes and family houses available in Accomodation>Hospedajes.

Hostels are known as Albergues in both Chile and Argentina. They offer dormitory accomodation from about USD6 per person, usually including breakfast.
See the list of hostels available in Accomodation>Hostels.

It is usual to find Refugios or mountain huts located inside National Parks o near trekking trail for the benefit of the trekkers. In Torres del Paine National Park, Refugios are very good and satisfied the expectations of those who know mountain juts in Europe or New Zealand. Some Refugios have a camping ground near and some offer tents and other services. It is a good thing to carry a tent with you anyways, specially during high season where they get crowded. The better refugios offer bunk beds and usually have meals, snacks and drinks. Prices are around USD15, and meals around USD4 and up.
See the list of refugios available in Accomodation>Refugios.

In Argentina, camping is very common and organised and offer good value for the money. They usually have hot showers, toilet with flush and a shelter for rainy days. The price is usually charged per person and is about USD4. In Chile camping is less common and prices are per site, about USD15. During high season campings tend to be full and may become noisy. It is a good thing to be discreet a show respect to others. Camping is not allowed inside National Parks and Reserves in both Chile and Argentina.
See the list of camping sites available in Accomodation>Camping Sites.

Disclaimer: We've tried to make the information on this web site as accurate as possible, but it is provided 'as is' and we accept no responsibility for any loss, injury or inconvenience sustained by anyone resulting from this information. You should verify critical information (like visas, health and safety, customs and transportation) with the relevant authorities before you travel.











Hotel José Noguiera, Punta Arenas, Chile

Hostal Rubio, Punta Arenas, Chile

Residencial Magallanes in Puerto Natales

Hospedaje Mejicana in Punta Arenas



Refugio Lodge Paine Grande


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