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Our definition of Hostal
We can say there is white spot here between lower quality hotels and great hostales. Hostales are just like hotels but with slight differences. They are smaller, no luxury, may not have private telephone or TV in the room, but usually have a common room with a TV or telephone service. Hostales tend to charge upwards of USD25 per person.

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  Punta Arenas > Hostal El conventillo   Price Range
Hostal El conventillo has set a new concept of lodging in Punta Arenas, Patagonia, Chile. It was designed with the purpose to offer lodging according to 4 basic concepts: Hygiene, Comfort, Service and Price-Quality Ratio. Take a look around and stay with us!

Pasaje Korner 1034, Punta Arenas, Chile Tel.: 242311
  Punta Arenas > Hostal Calafate   Price Range
Comfortable small hotel just a block to the main street. Offers 18 rooms and 36 beds. TV in each room, parking, telephone service and Internet. Accept credit Cards

  Punta Arenas > hostal del centro   Price Range
  Hostal del centro es una tipica casa magallanica con capacidad para 10 personas in el centro de Punta Arenas Incluye tipico desayuno magallanico, perfecta ubicacion cercano a todos los servicios principales, internet.

Armando Sanhueza 555, Punta Arenas, Chile Tel.: 222219
  Punta Arenas > Dinka´s House   Price Range
The Hostal Dinka's House has 9 rooms, private bathrooms, Cable TV, central heating, telephone. The accommodation includes breakfast.

Caupolican 169, Punta Arenas, Chile Tel.: 244292
  Punta Arenas > Hostal José Menendez   Price Range
The Hostal José Menéndez has 7 rooms, private bathrooms, Cable TV, central heating, telephone, laundry and kitchen service. The accommodation includes breakfast.

José Menéndez 882, Punta Arenas, Chile Tel.: 221279
  Punta Arenas > Hostal Bustamante   Price Range
The Residencial Bustamante has 11 rooms, private and shared bathrooms, Cable TV, central heating, telephone, parking, laundry service. The accommodation includes breakfast. Tourist Information.

Jorge Montt 847, Punta Arenas, Chile Tel.: 222774
  Punta Arenas > Hostal Rubio   Price Range
The Hostal Rubio has different kinds of rooms: single, double, matrimonial, triple and quadruple, with private bathroom, Cable TV and central heating. We offer regional tours and City Tours to different places of the Patagonia.

AVDA. ESPAÑA 640, Punta Arenas, Chile Tel.: 226458
  Punta Arenas > Oro Fueguinos   Price Range
he Hostel "Oro Fueguino", located in the wonderful city of Punta Arenas, offers the tourist a fascinating panoramic view to the Strait of Magellan. Tourists and businessmen are offered personalized services; This makes our Hostel one of the most important in the Patagonia. Rates have no comparison.

Fagnano 356, Punta Arenas, Chile Tel.: 249401
  Punta Arenas > Hostal Patagonico   Price Range
This Hostal has 7 rooms, 2 of them with private bathroom and 5 with shared bathrooms. Its food service includes regional meals like barbecues, asado al palo (spit-roast lamb meat), curanto(Seafood stew), home-made rhubarb marmalade. Enjoy the warm environment, located in the northern area of the city, at 01242 Natalio Brzovic St., close to Enrique Abello Street, between the two main Avenues of the city, Bulnes and España Avenues. The regional buses drive by España Avenue, close to the Hostal. It is also close to the Cofrima Supermarket, located 100 meters to the east.

Natalio Brsovic 1242, Punta Arenas, Chile Tel.: 218322
  Punta Arenas > Hostal Del Sur   Price Range
Hotal del sur, it possesse comfortable rooms, private and shared baths, T.V. Cable, heating, telephone. The housing includes continental breakfast.

MEJICANA 151, Punta Arenas, Chile Tel.: 227249
  Punta Arenas > Hostal De La Avenida   Price Range
The Hostal de la Avenida is located half a block from the downtown area. It has 7 rooms, private bathrooms, Cable TV, central heating and telephone. American breakfast included.

Avenida Colón 534, Punta Arenas, Chile Tel.: 56+61 247532 - 56+61 249486
  Punta Arenas > Hostal de la Patagonia   Price Range
  Hostal de la Patagonia has rooms with private bathroom, Cable TV, central heating and a resting room. It also has a Travel Agency located in the downtown area.

O"HIGGINS 730, Punta Arenas, Chile Tel.: 249970
  Punta Arenas > Hostal Del Estrecho   Price Range
It is the first Hostal with a very good location in the downtown of Punta Arenas. It was opened on January 15, 1987, It is a strong house with a modernistic style and also it has 14 copyrooms.

JOSE MENDEZ 1048, Punta Arenas, Chile Tel.: 241011
  Punta Arenas > Hostal Monterrey   Price Range
The Hostal Monterrey has 11 rooms, private bathrooms, Cable TV, central heating, telephone, laundry and kitchen service. The accommodation includes continental breakfast.

Bories 621, Punta Arenas, Chile Tel.: 220636
  Punta Arenas > Hostal Damianovic   Price Range
The Hostal Damianovic is located just two blocks from the Main Square. It has a department with capacity for 6 guests, diningroom, private bathroom, laundry and kitchen service. A beautiful view to the Strait of Magellan.

Avda. España 910, Punta Arenas, Chile Tel.: 241235
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