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Visas are not required to entry to Chile or Argentina for citizens of most European countries as well as citizens from the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand if you are going to stay up to 90 days. Anyway, remember to ckeck on the current situation at the time of your trip in case requirements changed.

Though getting a Visa for staying period longer than 90 days can be expensive and take too much of your time, it is a good thing to arrange trips to be able to cross to a neighbor country and then come back which gives you another 90 days to stay.

International Gateways
Chile's international airport are at Santiago and Punta Arenas (flights from Ushuaia) and Argentina´s at Buenos Aires and Ushuaia .

Clearing customs is usually fast in both directions between Argentina and Chile. Chile has some prohibitions regarding food. It is forbidden to enter Chile carrying dairy products or any kind of unprocessed food: meat, ham, salami or similar. Canned products, powder soups, dried pre-cooked meals CAN enter. If you plan to get to Chile and begin a trek inmediatly be advised of it and better arrange your schedule before to spend some time getting food after clearing customes. Some borders posts unload your luggage and fines may be imposed if you infringe law.

Arrival Cards
Every person arriving in Chile must complete the arrival card handed out on the aircraft. More innformation for travellers is available on the Servicio Nacional de Aduanas website. Information for Argentina available on Aduana Argentina website.

Agricultural Restrictions and Quarantine
Chile's agricultural industries are free of many insect pests, and plant and animal diseases common elsewhere in the world. Chile puts a lot of effort into minimising the risk of these being introduced at ports and airports.

Heavy fines may be imposed on people caught carrying prohibited materials. On arrival visitors should place any questionable items, particularly fruit, in the bins provided. You will find details of restricted items on the Ministry of Agriculture website.

Duty Free Goods
Visitors to Chile may purchase duty-free goods, which are not subject to local taxes, from airport duty free shops on arrival and departure. Duty-free stores avalaible in downtown Punta Arenas. Goods up to a total of UDS500 are free of duty and tax, but goods in excess of this may attract both duty and tax.

Departure Tax
Departure taxes of international flights out of Chile and Argentina are usually included in the ticket price. Check with your travel agent to avoid being double charged. The tax is around USD20.

Special Fees
There is a special fee that must be paid by passengers arriving at Santiago de Chile. This applies to only passports from the following 4 countries: United States, USD100; Canada, USD55; Australia, USD30; and Mexico, USD20. Stick your receipt to you passport. (This payment is valid for the life of the passport)














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